photo friday: Wind Blown

Today’s Photo Friday is a picture that “wowed” me. From growing up in Colorado, I was always fascinated by trees and plants that grew out of the side of rocks and even sideways sometimes off the side of a cliff. But I had never seen a tree like the one pictured, that refused to break during a horrible wind storm. The picture below is of a wind-blown juniper tree on the Island of El Hierro, the Canary Islands. Can you imagine what that wind must have been like? More importantly, can you imagine the strength of this tree’s roots? It is amazing how sometimes we don’t realize how strong/powerful nature can be.

This tree makes me think of those people who never seem to give up, no matter how hard their life’s storm is. They may be bent, but they are not broken. It also made me think of the simple truth of “nurturing things”. If you take care of something, give it nutrients- it will grow stronger and stronger and when the bad things/wind come it won’t break. Life works the same way most of the time. If we nurture our relationships by pouring in communication, time, love etc. they become stronger and stronger and you can survive fights, disagreements, rumors, tears, whatever. It is the same thing that goes for work, parenting, writing, faith, and physical health. Learn to be someone who is always trying to grow, who is always building whether it’s your relationship or a skill; the more you practice, the more you nurture, the better and stronger you become.

photo credit: google images

photo credit: google images

Photo FridayWho is someone you have met that is the strongest person you’ve ever known?

Photo Friday…have you ever wondered about the guy in this picture?

photo credit: Jean Guichard

The Wave             photo credit: Jean Guichard

I have always wondered about the story behind this famous picture by Jean Guichard. The picture is called “The Wave” and is a photograph of the “La Jument” lighthouse off of the northern coast of France. And the question we really all want to know- Who is the man standing outside the door….and what happened to him after the picture was taken???

The story: The year was 1989 and a violent storm hit the Iroise Sea off the western coast of Northern France. The man in this picture is Theodore Malgorn, the lighthouse keeper. Theodore was waiting to be rescued by helicopter during the storm. Meanwhile, Jean Guichard, a photographer, hires a helicopter to take him out to sea during the storm so he could photograph La Jument. (CRAZY!) Theodore hears the helicopter, and thinking it’s the one that is going to rescue him, steps outside the door. But it is not a rescue helicopter…it is Jean Guichard- camera ready. He sees Theodore and snaps the famous picture. Did Theodore survive? Yes…by a hair. He ran back inside almost as soon as he stepped out, a move which saved his life.  

I only have one word: WOW!

Have you ever had a close call or near death experience?

Sources: wikipedia

And that is photo Friday…Photo Friday


new things: Photo Friday

I would like to start a new thing on my blog of randomness. A new thing called, “Photo Friday”, I will try and make sure it is done every Friday, however, I don’t have any access to the internet at my house and I work all day long on Fridays so Photo Friday may occur on another day of the week…but I will try my best to keep it on Friday!


About Photo Friday:
My family is spread across the entire country. I live on the East Coast…my closest sister is 5 hours away and my farthest sister lives clear across the country in Washington.We have all been really close and try and call each other as much as we can but we still miss out on so much of each others lives. I started a little thing I called, “Pic of the day” between us, where each of us have to send a random picture to each other each day. It could be something you saw, something you are doing, something you think is funny, something that touched you…whatever! This has been so much fun! With that inspiration, I thought I would share a photo to my blog hopefully every week. A photo that made me laugh, raise an eyebrow, was stunning, thought provoking, random. and perhaps worth a thousand words.

With that, hopefully Photo Friday will be starting tomorrow….so stay tuned!

Question: The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”…agree or disagree?