Coffee House Insider, New Oxford Coffee Co.

Coffee House Insider, New Oxford Coffee Co. 

Location: New Oxford, PA

The New Oxford Coffee Co. is one of those places you just dive past over and over again if you aren’t looking for it. IMG_20150421_180339Have you ever driven through a roundabout? If not, it’s typically a four way intersection with no stop signs or lights, just yield signs and a giant circle you drive through around to get to your destination. (I love and hate roundabouts; nearly every job I’ve ever had I have always ended up driving through one of these to get to and from work. They are great if everyone knows how to use them. If not, well let’s just say I’ve almost been side swiped one too many times.) New Oxford Coffee Co. is set on the side of one of these roundabouts, as if it is almost part of it. I can’t tell you how many times I have driven past this place before that one magical night I made out the word “COFFEE” glowing in neon glory. BRAKE! Not really…I just circled the roundabout again (btw it’s kinda fun circling the roundabout over and over again) and pulled in.

Right when I stepped through the old French style doors, my heart just melted. This place was old; at one time I imagine it might have been a drug store or soda shop. One of the first things I noticed was the tin ceiling with little designs in it(Love these!) and that the dark wood floors creak under your feet. Little round tables, stuffy chairs, bar stools and a leather couch provide lots of seating. The smell of fresh ground coffee hit my nose, pulling me further in. The menu isn’t enormous, but provides all of the essentials: espresso, coffee, tea, tea latte, iced coffee, frappes etc. and of course features a glass case filled with desserts–desserts dusted with sugar, filled with chocolate, covered in crumble.

IMG_20150421_173602My favorite drink: When I go to coffee places I usually, nine times out of ten, get tea. I LOVE TEA! There is just so much variety when it comes to teas and so far I have liked most of everything I have tried (except Earl Gray…bleh). They had a tea blend, I can’t remember the official name of it, but I saw it contained strawberries. OH MY WORD…divine goodness! The tea definitely was harvested from some kind of strawberry heaven.

Extra features: I noticed the shop had a doorway which led to another room, it was already a decent sized coffee place so I was thinking, “Wow, there’s more? Impressive…” I walked through to discover this isn’t just a coffee house. It is actually a bakery; you can get wedding cakes, desserts that are more than brownies and scones, breads all fresh baked. If this wasn’t enough, connected also to the coffee house through the bakery is a doughnut and sandwich shop called “Holey Joe’s”. It is pretty much the Marble Slab of the doughnut world. You can create your own doughnut. You pile on the toppings (there were a ton of options–bacon the real deal, chocolate chips, crushed waffle cone, etc.), pour on the glaze (once again, lots of options); you could add ice cream, whipped cream, frosting, etc. AWESOME! I haven’t gotten a sandwich there, but the menu looked mouthwatering.

The last thing which makes this coffee shop extra special is they give proceeds to and support different areas around the world where disasters have happened or where poverty is prevalent. A corner of the shop has jewelry, handbags, scarves, etc. which are products all made from mothers, fathers, children from around the world and directly support them. New Oxford Coffee Co. is doing more than just providing eats and treats; it’s trying to make a difference in the world…even if it is just a small way.

Ever in New Oxford, PA? CHECK IT OUT! 

Short, sweet and to the point

A really short, sweet, and to the point thought on relationships:

You should be with someone you ADMIRE…for who they are and how they treat the people around them-from their family and friends, to the random people they bump into on the side of the road, their waitress, the person they sit next to in the metro, or the homeless person on a bench. How you treat the people you cross paths with everyday in your life says a lot about you. Remember-you will never have a perfect person…but you want a good one.

I hope everyone’s Monday is going great, or at least the coffee is great and pulling you through ;). Speaking of coffee, I am hoping, crossing my fingers, to have a Coffee House Insider blog post tomorrow. I love coffee & tea places, and I can’t get enough of finding extra special ones in the different areas I have traveled. The one I hope to write about tomorrow delivered one of the best cups of tea I have ever had…just thinking about it I want more! Anyway, if things go as planned and technology doesn’t fail on me (my phone/camera has been acting up lately…if there are clouds there isn’t a drop of signal…and randomly it will completely freeze, buzz, then give up and die. If you read my post about my lap top breaking down, yeah…me and technology…the struggle is real) you will hear about a great coffee house that if you are ever in the area, you’ve got to check out.

Coffee: A story of how my addiction began

Coffee. Java. Joe. We drink it black, as a latte, cappuccino, cold. We don’t want to admit it, or maybe we do…but we are addicted to these beans. And….we all have a story of when the addiction began.


Just how I like it….keep the creamer coming!

I was anti-coffee most of my life. There was nothing thrilling to me about drinking something that is bitter and makes your teeth tan and brown. For years I watched my parents and friends guzzle cup after cup saying they HAD TO DRINK it; they told me it was a necessity. I am a tea drinker…blueberry tea, rooibos tea, vanilla tea, green tea…pretty much any tea I can get ahold of…except Earl Grey…I loathe Earl Grey. I was happy with my teas. I didn’t need coffee in my life….a fact I was proud of.

I used to work as a bank teller. And banks….when you are all alone manning the front counter with no customers and the only available reading materials are The Banker’s Digest (LOL) …it can get VERY BORING. I was that type of employee that got restless when there was nothing to do. I would start randomly cleaning things and then I decided one day to make it my personal mission to keep the coffee station immaculately cleaned and filled with condiments.

Grinding the coffee beans was my favorite part. The zoom of the grinding machine crushing the beans was music to my ears. The crushed coffee beans was music to my nose….I don’t know if that works…but you get the picture. That smell is AWESOME. I could smell those grinds all day! I started to get curious…it had been ages since I tried the bitter stuff.

Finally, I decided to give in.

One especially boring day I grabbed a small white Styrofoam cup and poured the brown steaming liquid into it. Coffee was always entirely too bitter for me…and I cannot add sugar…so I decided to add a TON of creamer. By the time I was done pouring in the creamer my coffee was no longer brown…it was practically white. I took a teeny sip. Then I took another. It was actually kinda….GOOD. I was Imageshocked. After that I started having a small cup of coffee…half creamer, half coffee nearly everyday at work. But I considered myself strickly a “social coffee drinker” because I could go days without drinking it and I drank it simply because I liked it.

Now…two years later and after trying Dunkin Donut’s blueberry-flavored coffee I think I have become addicted. I cannot go on without a cup of coffee…like it is fueling my very brain cells. And I think I drink too much! It is so easy to write or read and guzzle down cup after cup and then you realized half the pot is empty! Recently I decided that I should cut back, switch to my old ways of tea drinking (which I still LOVE tea)… and spare my teeth the heartache of having to do whitening…(it is SOOO painful…my poor teeth!). I started to cut the caffeine a few days ago…and definitely had two cups of coffee today…so we’ll see how that goes!

When was your first cup of coffee? When did you first become addicted to it’s caffeinated powers?