Novel Update: Inspiration from C.S. Harris

I haven’t been blogging too much the past couple weeks because….

I’ve been EDITING…(and hiking and such for the Memorial Day weekend) and writing the first few pages of the second novel. Much of the work I have been doing is building better flow, building better suspense, and building better characterization and descriptions. The Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery series by C.S. Harris has been the inspiration I need! If you haven’t heard of or read this series you are missing outImage! A basic description of the series characterizes the main character, Sebastian as a cross between Mr. Darcy and James Bond. He is pretty much a crime fighting, murder solving English gentleman.  And there is a little touch of romance…always makes a book good! C.S. Harris is amazing at creating plot twists and adds lots of surprises that kept me turning the pages. She also describes the many people or places in her book with simple sentences…and exactly the right words.Basically her books are a fabulous read. 

I went pouring through my novel cutting out unnecessary sentences and paragraphs and making sure my characters were REAL. The last thing I want in the world is to have cheesy characters and just a plain boring book.

What am I working on today? Re-write of the first 30 pages. Those 30 pages have been my downfall. I want to make them…gripping…yet give the necessary information that sets up the story and gives a picture of the characters. Wish me luck!

What book or books have been helpful/inspirational to your writing?