Have you ever laughed at someone else’s misfortune…that YOU caused??

And you tried not to laugh, you really tried, but it could not be helped. The laughter came out in suppressed waves of giggles and then finally erupted into flinging your head back into the air or hugging your stomach that hurt because you could not stop laughing. You kept trying to stop, but you were no longer in control. You felt like the terrible person you were.

This is one of those stories.

It was another summer day at the zoo. We had just experienced what we termed “A Rain-Forced Rush”. A Rain Forced Rush was the unexpected and sudden visit of thongs of people filling the restaurant do to rain. On a day that had been already so busy our food supply was nearly wiped out, we were unprepared for the sky to turn gray and thunder to rumble and drops of rain that sent a literal mob of people that were all “Hangry”.

People of all shapes and sizes squeezed into the restaurant, exceeding the max capacity by a crazy number. They filled practically every corner of the place, and it didn’t help half of the them were manning monstrous strollers that were practically the size of a smart car (you know those strollers with three wheels and enough seats for the entire family to be pushed around in). Kids were screaming, adults were screaming. It was madness.

By the time the people were done with us we had about two ice cream cones, a hotdog, and a squeezed beyond recognition bag of cotton candy left over.

Then! There is was! The sun! Breaking through the clouds the sun beamed into the restaurant signaling the rain storm was over and we were saved. The people left just as quickly as they came (so quickly I was afraid someone would be trampled!) and in their departure a disaster. Cups strewn across the tables and floors, red cherry slushy mixture and melted ice cream puddled the floor, napkins here there everywhere, tables and chairs upturned, mashed French fries and half eaten corndogs littered the area.

Our manager knew that the day was rapidly coming to an end and there were still nearly half of the staff that had not gotten a break. He sent them all on break and the rest of us unlucky ones who already had our break were on clean up crew.

I had the wonderful task of tending to the trash. There were about 10 trash cans, each of them filled and overflowing and foul. I put gloves on and moved from trash can to trash can, lugging the 30 lb. filled bags back to the backside of the restaurant where the dumpster was. trash

For my story to make sense I have to quickly explain the room where the dumpster was. It was like a mini “garage” attached to the end of the restaurant.  The dumpster was elevated about two feet above the small walkway, I’m not sure why this was done but I can tell you it made tossing trash into it quite the exercise, especially for those of us who are short. Opposite side of the dumpster were two chairs and a bucket for cigarette butts, this was our lovely “break area”. Not even a coffee corner! Haha! Most of the time I ate outside, I mean facing a trashcan while you are eating your lunch is hardly appetizing.

Once I had gathered all the trash bags in a nice pile I set to work on getting them into the dumpster. I greeted my friends Will and Mike who were on break and occupying the two chairs in the “break area” and joked about how I was going to have crazy arm muscles after all of this heavy lifting. I had an art to how I got the trash in the dumpster, I perched on the edge of the stairs that were the same height as the dumpster and tossed the trash bags in from there. It was an angled toss, but I had become an expert. Quickly I tossed in bag after bag, feeling disgusting by the revolting smell that seeped from the each bag. Mean while Will, the Zoo’s jokester was making joke after joke and laughing in his usual way.

Every now and then you will get a trash bag that I call a “juicer”. Juicer trash bags are the worst because like the name implies they are filled with “trash juice” (an unholy mixture of all liquids that are in the bag…diaper juice, oil, ketchup, soda, ice cream, slush, etc.). I picked up the bag, it was the last one! When I picked it up, I didn’t notice the bag was punctured and trash juice was spilling onto the ground. At the exact moment Will opened his mouth widely, roaring with laughter at some joke Mike cracked, I tossed the trash bag into the dumpster. All I saw was a reddish brown juice fly through the air. And splash! It made contact with it’s victim.  The juice flung across Will’s face…and into his wide open mouth.

It was like everything was in slow motion for a few seconds. Me and Mike stared at Will in shock…and then at each other. Did that just happen? Will’s eyes were huge and filled with the most awful look of horror. The red juice dripped down his face and his open mouth was frozen in position.

Mike said, “Dude…”

And I…began my apologizing. “Will! I am so sorry! Oh my gosh, I’m so so so so sorry. I can’t believe….bahahahahahahahahahahaha!” The laughter began to take hold of me. My voice began to shake and my body trembled because the laugher longed to escape. Finally I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Wild laughs exploded out of me. I felt awful but I couldn’t stop! I tried, but I just… was rolling.

trying not to laugh

Trying not to laugh


Not succeeding…

bursting into laughter

laughter has taken over

Will got up, groaning in horror and ran to the dish washing sink and using the commercial sprayer sprayed his mouth and entire face off.

Meanwhile, I watched, still laughing.

Will did forgive me


photo friday: Wind Blown

Today’s Photo Friday is a picture that “wowed” me. From growing up in Colorado, I was always fascinated by trees and plants that grew out of the side of rocks and even sideways sometimes off the side of a cliff. But I had never seen a tree like the one pictured, that refused to break during a horrible wind storm. The picture below is of a wind-blown juniper tree on the Island of El Hierro, the Canary Islands. Can you imagine what that wind must have been like? More importantly, can you imagine the strength of this tree’s roots? It is amazing how sometimes we don’t realize how strong/powerful nature can be.

This tree makes me think of those people who never seem to give up, no matter how hard their life’s storm is. They may be bent, but they are not broken. It also made me think of the simple truth of “nurturing things”. If you take care of something, give it nutrients- it will grow stronger and stronger and when the bad things/wind come it won’t break. Life works the same way most of the time. If we nurture our relationships by pouring in communication, time, love etc. they become stronger and stronger and you can survive fights, disagreements, rumors, tears, whatever. It is the same thing that goes for work, parenting, writing, faith, and physical health. Learn to be someone who is always trying to grow, who is always building whether it’s your relationship or a skill; the more you practice, the more you nurture, the better and stronger you become.

photo credit: google images

photo credit: google images

Photo FridayWho is someone you have met that is the strongest person you’ve ever known?

Acrophobia-the fear of heights

Finally, a Photo Friday, sorry for slacking life has been crazy these past few weeks!

Today’s photo Friday features Thrill-seekers, Kirill Oreskin , Andy Lewis and Brian Mosbaugh. These guys  do things I would never ever…imagine doing. One of my greatest fears is heights. Perhaps I have acrophobia “the fear of heights” (or maybe it should be called common sense??); I get shaky, can barely breathe, and I feel like I am on the verge of a heart attack when I am up high. That bungee ride at Six Flag theme park…yeah my theory is I would have a massive and deadly heart attack at the very top of the ride. Heights + Me = TERROR.

Kirill, from Russian, says he climbs, “because I like the views”. Well, he certainly has gotten views of things, most people would never come close to seeing. I have to agree with him, there are few things better than a stunning, breath stopping view-however, you won’t find me dangling hundreds of feet on the edge of a building anytime soon. To see more of Kirill’s amazing photo’s visit his website: https://500px.com/kirill_opex .

Brian and Andy are apart of a group called the “Moab Monkeys” and are friends with one common link: THRILL. Both thrill seekers, and adventurers who like to live life on the edge. The picture below was taken in Brazil! Visit their facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Moab Monkeys.

information research credit: Huffington post, UK Daily

Are you afraid of heights? What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

photo credit: Kirill Oreshkin

photo credit: Kirill Oreshkin

this picture was taken by Brian Mosbaugh. The guy in the photograph is Brian's friend Andy

this picture was taken by Brian Mosbaugh. The guy in the photograph is Brian’s friend Andy Lewis

A gallery of what happens to me before, during and after an interview

For several days I have been preparing for an interview…it was just a phone interview but I wanted to be ready. If you are anything like me interviews TERRIFY you. I get sweaty palms, a wildly beating heart, butterflies in my stomach. My fear is that my mind will go completely blank (it’s the same sort of thing that happens to me when I stand up and give a speech…it’s awful!) and I will have no idea what to say. I decided to take a bunch of pictures of what happens to me before…during and after an interview. Enjoy!! (you also get a lovely view of my bathroom!) What do you do to prepare for an interview? Are you as cool as cucumber? What’s the most intense interview you’ve been on? What’s the most “chill” interview you’ve been on?

Before the interview: Cool and collected...I so have this!

Before the interview: Cool and collected…I so have this!

15 minutes before the interview...WHAT AM I DOING???? Terror and fear.

15 minutes before the interview…WHAT AM I DOING???? Terror and fear.

That moment when they call you into the office...

That moment when they call you into the office…

How I actually look during the interview.

How I actually look during the interview.

How I THINK I look during the interview...

How I THINK I look during the interview…

How I FEEL during the interview...

How I FEEL during the interview…

When you walk out of the interview...YAY!!!!! It's over!!!

When you walk out of the interview…YAY!!!!! It’s over!!!

I think I did a pretty good job...it I say so myself..

I think I did a pretty good job…it I say so myself..

Suddenly going over the interview in my mind...Did I really say that???

Suddenly going over the interview in my mind…Did I really say that???



I said that too???AAHHH!! What was I thinking??

I said that too???AAHHH!! What was I thinking??

Hmmm.... self doubt and wondering if I will get the dreaded, "we decided to move on with more experienced candidates "email.

self doubt and wondering if I will get the dreaded, “we decided to move on with more experienced candidates “email.

Photo Friday: BIG

Today’s photo Friday was inspired from the State Fair. One of my favorite things to see at the fair is none other than the GIGANTIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. These things just leave me speech less…and grateful that I don’t have to eat them. Any awesomely huge vegetables or fruits you’ve seen? What’s your favorite thing at the fair?

This picture is of an enormous cabbage grown by expert farmer John Evans of Alaska!

This green cabbage is MASSIVE! Grown by expert farmer John Evans of Alaska!

This green cabbage is MASSIVE!

Ever wonder what $160,000 dollars looks like? Well, just take a gander at this 3lb Truffle. Found in Italy, the truffle sold at auction for $160,000. I am thinking about becoming a truffle hunter as a side job….

photo credit: pinterest, Every day Health

 photo credit: pinterest, Every day Health

The last picture is of a 17 POUND ONION. Talk about bad breath! The onion was grown by Peter Glazebrook of Newark, England. The onion earned a World Guinness Record.

photo credit: Everyday Health

ummm….is this for real? photo credit: Everyday Health

Photo FridayThat’s Photo Friday!

information/research credit: Everyday Health, Buzzfeed

Photo Friday, so what does one of the world’s largest diamonds look like?

One of my fantasy jobs would be to be a treasure hunter. I would love to find a sunken ship wreckage filled with gold coins, emeralds and pearls.Except, I’m not the best swimmer and I am afraid of sharks…but perhaps someday.

The Star of Africa I photo credit: www.vmbjewlers.com

The Star of Africa I
photo credit: http://www.vmbjewlers.com

In 1905, Captain Frederick Wells stumbled upon a massive treasure while doing a routine inspection of a diamond mine in Africa. During his inspection, he found what he thought was a big piece of glass embedded in the rock;he only noticed it because it reflected the sun’s light. But instead of finding a piece of glass, he found what was then, the World’s Largest diamond. The diamond before it was cut weighed 1.33 lbs and was 3,106 carats! When the stone was sent back to England it was cut into nearly 100 pieces with the largest piece being The Star of Africa I, or also called the Cullinan I (named after the man, Sir Thomas Cullinan, who owned the mine).

The Scepter of the Cross photo credit: Google Images

The Scepter of the Cross
photo credit: Google Images

Today the Star of Africa I is the largest polished white diamond. (The largest diamond is the Golden Jubilee Diamond, a yellow diamond.) It is 530 carats and now is apart of the UK Crown Jewels, in the Scepter of the Cross.

Crazy Fact: The diamond that Wells found that made up the Cullinan diamond collection, was believed to be a broken off piece to an even LARGER DIAMOND that is still yet to be discovered. WOW.

Have you ever found a treasure or a valuable antique?

information/research credit: Forbes, Live Science, Wikipedia

Photo Friday

That’s Photo Friday!

Photo Friday: Amazing Art made of…. Food

Today’s photo Friday  blew my mind in the best of ways! The artist who creates these amazing art pieces is Malaysian artist Hong Yi, who is nicknamed Red Hongyi. Red believes in using natural elements to create art. “She wants to continue to use mundane, ordinary & often overlooked objects to make beautiful art & through her art and the internet, connect people throughout the world.” -from her website http://www.redhonyi.com (CHECK IT OUT and BE AMAZED!) It’s not about the tools and supplies…it’s about what  the artist can do with his tools!

I also checked out her blog and you should check it out to: http://www.ohiseered.com. She has lot’s of awesome artwork using the most simple elements. The blog post I read she was creating a picture of Jackie Chan (MUST SEE!)

I hope you enjoyed this Photo Friday!

photo credit: Artist, Red Hong Yi

photo credit: Artist, Red Hong Yi

louis vuiton

I love Louis Vuitton!



Photo FridayThat’s….Photo Friday

Photo Friday…have you ever wondered about the guy in this picture?

photo credit: Jean Guichard

The Wave             photo credit: Jean Guichard

I have always wondered about the story behind this famous picture by Jean Guichard. The picture is called “The Wave” and is a photograph of the “La Jument” lighthouse off of the northern coast of France. And the question we really all want to know- Who is the man standing outside the door….and what happened to him after the picture was taken???

The story: The year was 1989 and a violent storm hit the Iroise Sea off the western coast of Northern France. The man in this picture is Theodore Malgorn, the lighthouse keeper. Theodore was waiting to be rescued by helicopter during the storm. Meanwhile, Jean Guichard, a photographer, hires a helicopter to take him out to sea during the storm so he could photograph La Jument. (CRAZY!) Theodore hears the helicopter, and thinking it’s the one that is going to rescue him, steps outside the door. But it is not a rescue helicopter…it is Jean Guichard- camera ready. He sees Theodore and snaps the famous picture. Did Theodore survive? Yes…by a hair. He ran back inside almost as soon as he stepped out, a move which saved his life.  

I only have one word: WOW!

Have you ever had a close call or near death experience?

Sources: wikipedia

And that is photo Friday…Photo Friday


Stranded/photo friday

Have you ever had a moment where you were stranded and made the most of it?

On my way to work, this question was presented to me via the radio. I was like…huh…that is a great question!

When I was 5 years old, my Dad was stationed to a remote area in Alaska. We packed up everything in our brown and tan Volkswagen Van (it was pretty epic)  and left our home by the

photo credit: slowrobot

photo credit: slowrobot Haha! I love this…

pacific ocean and headed north. Just to state an obvious fact….Alaska is VERY far away. I’m not sure how long it took us to get from the middle of California to Alaska but it was an eternity to my 5 year old brain. I remember being restless and just longing to run around and explore. On some lonely road in the middle of Canada at about 2 a.m. our trusty van decided to throw in the towel. All I remember is waking up squished with my sisters in a seat in a tractor trailer and hearing the news that our van was being towed to the nearest (which wasn’t very near) mechanic shop.  The mechanics looked over the car and it was bad. So bad we had to get a new engine. Which in the middle of nowhere in Canada would take two weeks. We were stranded. When I was little I was one of those kids who was obsessed with adventure and had a wild imagination so the idea of being stranded was thrilling.  For several days we camped out at the mechanic shop, sleeping in the van. My Dad took me and my sisters on little excursions into the woods behind us and we ate food made over a camp fire and talked and laughed. I felt like I was an explorer or a pioneer as we lived off of rice and coffee.  One of the employees at the mechanic’s shop took pity on us. He insisted we stay at his families house in one of the spare bedrooms until the engine for our van arrived. The mechanic shop employee’s family took us in, like we were apart of his family or old friends. They were AWESOME. I remember going on a trip to see an massive waterfall and playing with their kids and seeing the Northern Lights and eating the best waffles I have ever had. Being stranded we met an amazing family that took strangers into their home, we roughed it in the Canadian wilderness, and made memories that I still remember being as fun and exciting.

Sometimes being stranded can be a great thing. It gets us off course a little, it makes us improvise, it makes memories.

Do you have a story about being stranded? Where’s the craziest place you have you been stranded?Photo Friday

photo credit: a taste of Alaska  Photo Friday: Aurora Borealis, The Northern Lights

photo credit: a taste of Alaska
Photo Friday: Aurora Borealis, The Northern Lights

Photo Friday: 2 days before I moved to the East Coast…

photo credit: google images

photo credit: Google images

Days before I moved to the East Coast in 2012, a wild fire started near my hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I had gone on a walk that day and took off my flip flops along a path. When my feet hit the soft dirt, it burned. The dirt was boiling hot. The air was dry and you could smell the trees literally drying out. I remember thinking that if someone struck a match, it would send this little forest up in flames. A few hours later, it happened. I will never forget seeing that first column of thick smoke in a crevice of the Rocky Mountains, dangerously close to the city. The smoke was everywhere…filling the sky with a white and gray haze. The smell was stronger, permeating everything it touched. The picture above is the Garden of the Gods, one of my all time favorite hiking spots and spots in general. (Garden of the Gods IS A MUST SEE for adventurers!) It was awful flying away from my home state not knowing what would happen and wishing I could stay to help somehow. Colorado Springs did survive, but many families lost their homes. Anyway, a little bit of a sad photo Friday but this picture isn’t just a picture it’s a memory of how close the place I loved was to being destroyed. Don’t take things for granted!Photo Friday