Acrophobia-the fear of heights

Finally, a Photo Friday, sorry for slacking life has been crazy these past few weeks!

Today’s photo Friday features Thrill-seekers, Kirill Oreskin , Andy Lewis and Brian Mosbaugh. These guys  do things I would never ever…imagine doing. One of my greatest fears is heights. Perhaps I have acrophobia “the fear of heights” (or maybe it should be called common sense??); I get shaky, can barely breathe, and I feel like I am on the verge of a heart attack when I am up high. That bungee ride at Six Flag theme park…yeah my theory is I would have a massive and deadly heart attack at the very top of the ride. Heights + Me = TERROR.

Kirill, from Russian, says he climbs, “because I like the views”. Well, he certainly has gotten views of things, most people would never come close to seeing. I have to agree with him, there are few things better than a stunning, breath stopping view-however, you won’t find me dangling hundreds of feet on the edge of a building anytime soon. To see more of Kirill’s amazing photo’s visit his website: .

Brian and Andy are apart of a group called the “Moab Monkeys” and are friends with one common link: THRILL. Both thrill seekers, and adventurers who like to live life on the edge. The picture below was taken in Brazil! Visit their facebook page : Monkeys.

information research credit: Huffington post, UK Daily

Are you afraid of heights? What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

photo credit: Kirill Oreshkin

photo credit: Kirill Oreshkin

this picture was taken by Brian Mosbaugh. The guy in the photograph is Brian's friend Andy

this picture was taken by Brian Mosbaugh. The guy in the photograph is Brian’s friend Andy Lewis


Photo Friday: BIG

Today’s photo Friday was inspired from the State Fair. One of my favorite things to see at the fair is none other than the GIGANTIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. These things just leave me speech less…and grateful that I don’t have to eat them. Any awesomely huge vegetables or fruits you’ve seen? What’s your favorite thing at the fair?

This picture is of an enormous cabbage grown by expert farmer John Evans of Alaska!

This green cabbage is MASSIVE! Grown by expert farmer John Evans of Alaska!

This green cabbage is MASSIVE!

Ever wonder what $160,000 dollars looks like? Well, just take a gander at this 3lb Truffle. Found in Italy, the truffle sold at auction for $160,000. I am thinking about becoming a truffle hunter as a side job….

photo credit: pinterest, Every day Health

 photo credit: pinterest, Every day Health

The last picture is of a 17 POUND ONION. Talk about bad breath! The onion was grown by Peter Glazebrook of Newark, England. The onion earned a World Guinness Record.

photo credit: Everyday Health

ummm….is this for real? photo credit: Everyday Health

Photo FridayThat’s Photo Friday!

information/research credit: Everyday Health, Buzzfeed

Photo Friday, so what does one of the world’s largest diamonds look like?

One of my fantasy jobs would be to be a treasure hunter. I would love to find a sunken ship wreckage filled with gold coins, emeralds and pearls.Except, I’m not the best swimmer and I am afraid of sharks…but perhaps someday.

The Star of Africa I photo credit:

The Star of Africa I
photo credit:

In 1905, Captain Frederick Wells stumbled upon a massive treasure while doing a routine inspection of a diamond mine in Africa. During his inspection, he found what he thought was a big piece of glass embedded in the rock;he only noticed it because it reflected the sun’s light. But instead of finding a piece of glass, he found what was then, the World’s Largest diamond. The diamond before it was cut weighed 1.33 lbs and was 3,106 carats! When the stone was sent back to England it was cut into nearly 100 pieces with the largest piece being The Star of Africa I, or also called the Cullinan I (named after the man, Sir Thomas Cullinan, who owned the mine).

The Scepter of the Cross photo credit: Google Images

The Scepter of the Cross
photo credit: Google Images

Today the Star of Africa I is the largest polished white diamond. (The largest diamond is the Golden Jubilee Diamond, a yellow diamond.) It is 530 carats and now is apart of the UK Crown Jewels, in the Scepter of the Cross.

Crazy Fact: The diamond that Wells found that made up the Cullinan diamond collection, was believed to be a broken off piece to an even LARGER DIAMOND that is still yet to be discovered. WOW.

Have you ever found a treasure or a valuable antique?

information/research credit: Forbes, Live Science, Wikipedia

Photo Friday

That’s Photo Friday!