I have been the type of person that waits for life to get good. I would say I can’t wait to go to college, then I will really live; I can’t wait to get this car then I will really be living; I can’t wait to get that job, then I will really be living. Unfortunately, this method is the exact recipe on how NOT to live. This blog is on not waiting to live. Life can be amazing every single day.

What this blog features:


My dream is to be a published author. I am currently writing a Historic Romantic Suspense series which is set in the 1920’s. My first book, Just A Dream, tells the story of the murder of a good man. “There is nothing more frightening to me than the murder of a seemingly perfect man…and a dying one none the less. What dark secret he must have been hiding sends chills throughout me.” -from Just A Dream 

I am currently seeking a literary agent for Just A Dream.

My second book picks up where Just A Dream left off. I had a writing teacher that told me when you write a book you must by the end of it, tie up all lose ends–leave no questions unanswered in the reader’s mind; if you are writing a sequel…leave one question unanswered, one end lose and untied.

I’ll share pages, paragraphs, sentences, characters from my two books as well as anything writing and book related.

Random Thoughts-

These “random thoughts” will be something on my mind, something that inspired me. Writing is such a gift and there is no better way it can be used that to inspire another person.

Fat Tuesday-

I love to learn about food. I love to cook food. I love to eat food. As the name suggests, these foodie posts will be posted on a Tuesday. It will be anything and everything dealing with food–coffee house insiders, recipes, health, and food facts.


Every once and a while I have a random burst of poetic inspiration, so a few poems will pop up in my blog here and there!


14 thoughts on “About

    • Yes it’s so hard not to do…literally two days ago I was frantically planning on how to get anywhere but where I’m at….I opened this Chinese fortune cookie and it said “don’t rush life, enjoy every moment”…..yay for those reminders!

  1. I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog!! So many people (myself included) have that same tendency to procrastinate – even procrastinating our own happiness. You have a great outlook!!

  2. I’ve only seen your recent posts but it is all very true and very accurate. You should bottle your advice and sell it on Monday mornings. I wish you well finding the right agent 🙂

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