I just want to travel the world…

I feel like I go through phases where I just want to drive (or fly) off into the sunset and arrive in a different part of the world. I have always wanted to travel the world (I’m pretty sure many people have this dream =) ). But traveling the world takes time…and money. Lately I have been thinking…pondering…trying to figure out how I can make this dream a reality. There is no time like the present!

If possible I would love to be able to spend more than a few days in a place. One friend of mine was stationed in Germany for over a year; in that year she traveled all over Europe (Me: “I want to be you!”) and got to spend a good amount of time at each place. As I am not in the military, I came up with a plan to accomplish my world travel goals while I was in college. I was going to become a History/Geography teacher, and each summer I would travel to a new place. I still think this is a good plan…I have the degree…I just have to get over one fear, one big fear: TEENAGERS. I find myself looking at jobs at schools and telling myself, “Autumn, you can do it! You can handle the teenagers, you can!”  (I think…I hope…maybe not…)

Yesterday I came up with a possible plan two. A plan which would not only help me get over my fears of teaching, but put me in a new adventure, and give me lots to write about I’m sure! Plan two: become an ESL teacher.

Has anyone out there been an ESL teacher or is currently an ESL teacher? Any advice, suggestions, thoughts about being an ESL teacher? 


6 thoughts on “I just want to travel the world…

  1. Don’t let fear get in the way of life. Remember life has no rewind button. Both options are good. You can try both, see which you like better. I always say “you don’t know u hate brussels sprouts until u try em” 🙂

  2. I think you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll like working with teens. They are at an age where they are starting to figure out the world and push their sense of free will. Working with teens is really rewarding. I’ve tutored but not worked as a teacher, but you will probably like it a lot more than your fear of what could go wrong. If you are afraid of being alone, try to find ESL opportunities where there is a good sense of community. Things will always arise, but if you really want to travel and see the world–there is probably no better way than teaching teens who are trying to etch the world to suit their mix of idealism and pessimism. All the best. X –Word Play

    • Thank you so much! =) I think what I really struggle with is finding that place where you are nice and fun but also the authority figure (I have been told I’m too nice!). I just have to focus on the pros, like you said, instead of what I am afraid of. Thanks for sharing this, it is super helpful and wonderful advice. =)

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