Interview with the Literary Agent

While visiting the homeland (Colorado) I had the opportunity to meet a LITERARY AGENT. Unfortunately, it wasn’t about my book…it was an interview for a position in the company! Still good news! This would be an amazing opportunity and maybe even would be a foot in the door to getting my book published (perhaps I could “accidently” leave a copy of my manuscript on one of the agent’s desks?). If you haven’t read my post on what happens to me during an interview, I have to tell you, I get TERRIFIED when going to interviews…it’s worse than terrified…it’s like my mind goes blank and I can’t seem to remember a thing!

This was a job I wanted, a position I was fully ready to take and to grow into…prepare for the interview? You bet I did! But as I walked into the shiny office with it’s glittering chandelier and mahogany desks I suddenly felt silly in my fitted dress and floppy shoes. For some reason, the shoes were a huge part of my worries. I had forgotten to bring my black pumps with me and ended up borrowing a pair of flats from my sister. The flats were worn and too big, so big my toes were gripping the soles just to keep them on when I walked. I repeated the line from Ever After, “No one will be looking at your feet” and hoped it was true.

As I waited to be called in, I studied a library filled with books that had been brought to publishing by this company. My heart was racing.

The first part of the interview went well, even with my nerves I maintained control. I pushed my work ethic and passion for literature to cover my lack of experience. I was feeling good. Suddenly I was ushered into the president’s office. W-WHAT? I had no idea he would interview me! The position I applied for was administrative, it didn’t seem big enough to meet the president! As we walked through the offices of the agents, my heart was POUNDING. AAAHHHHH!! The president!

When I entered his office and shook his hand I was shaking…I literally felt petrified in his presence. He introduced me to his wife announcing that I was a writer. It is so good to here a professional refer to you as a writer, let me just say.

He says, “What is the first line of your book?”

I fumble my speech a little and I can feel my cheeks burn ( I HATE that I blush so easily!). “He always hated hospitals,” I say the very first sentence of my book, holding my breath for his response.

He nods and says in his very serious, no nonsense kind of way, “That’s pretty good, actually. The first sentence is so important…there are many times when I have only read the first sentence of a submitted manuscript and rejected it. The first sentence must be good.”

His words gave me hope and taught me so much.

Be sure your first sentence is somehow captivating…and with correct grammar. That first sentence counts…make it good.

Even though I didn’t get the job as an administrative assistant, it was AWESOME being able to share about my book to a literary agent that has lead to the selling of millions of pages of literature.

What is the first sentence of your book?


15 thoughts on “Interview with the Literary Agent

  1. Wow!! What an amazing opportunity!! I loved your first line!!
    My first line is: Through hardship and difficult times, a piece of your identity comes forth in an unexpected way.
    Good luck to you!!!

    • Thanks! Yes, it was so helpful! Hopefully practice at meeting with my very own literary agent =). Thank you for sharing the first line of your book, very deep…I like the way it sort of poses a question…is the identity that comes out…good or bad?!

    • Thank you so much! I would categorize my book in the genre of romantic suspense (it could, maybe be qualified as a romantic mystery…as well). It is set in the 1920s.
      1925-Millionaire Stephen Desmin is found dead in the rose garden of his estate in Charleston, SC. The killer was never found. The story begins in 1927. Fourteen months after an accident took a year’s worth of Angel Howard’s memories, she is about to fulfill her mother’s life long dream of marrying Stephen Desmin’s son, Kale. As Angel finally starts to open up her heart to Kale she is haunted more and more by dreams of murder and a mysterious man she is in love with. With the wedding date drawing nearer and nearer, Kale becomes consumed with hunting down his father’s killer and Angel, in an attempt to stop the crazy dreams, tries to solve her past- figure out the secrets 1925. As she digs she discovers 1925 is a year of dark and dangerous secrets…leading her to question if it is all just a dream.Will she find out the truth…before it’s too late?
      Thanks so much for asking about my book!

    • Pretending to dust…hmmmm…and your book (s) are mystery books? Yes when the agent asked me what mine was I was so glad I had just been working on the beginning of the book so I remembered it. Whew! Yes…terrifying! ha-ha

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