15 Great Qualities We Should Appreciate In Each Other More

Excellent read!

James Michael Sama

As a society, I feel that we can get caught up on a lot of the wrong things. People are often more concerned about the actions of celebrities and those they have never met, than the improvement of their own lives, pursuit of their own passions, or happiness of their own relationships.

We immediately dismiss people for not looking looking good enough, or we analyze them for looking too good. They must have had surgery. They must be photoshopped. But who are they, really? As a person. Does anyone really care?


We have ultra popular websites like Instagram that showcase and reward the beautiful with thousands of followers and perceived popularity, but cares not for substance or integrity. While these are fun distractions and serve their own purpose, they permeate society and float to the surface like a ping pong ball being released underwater – and then they stay there. Prominent…

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