Coffee House Insider: Montagues

Although Starbucks is a place that holds many fond memories of hanging with friends, having great conversations and the guarantee of good tea, I like to find coffee & tea houses “off the beaten path”.

For me a good coffee house must have good tea. When I go to coffee houses, I always get tea, always(I am very particular about my coffee, and I really do like tea better). Unless I am getting the Blueberry Coffee from Dunkin Donuts, but Dunkin Donuts isn’t a place I go to hang out with friends or write. It is the place I run in and out. The atmosphere doesn’t really scream “writer’s inspiration”…if you know what I mean.

I love to find new and unique coffee & tea places just like I love to find little cool bookstores. So as I find a really awesome place to get your joe or tea, I will share it on my blog!

Montague’s Coffee House

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Montague’s is a place that was “my coffee shop” back when I lived in Colorado. When you go inside

The counter full of desserts at Montagues  photo: urbanspoon

The counter full of desserts at Montagues
photo: urbanspoon

you feel like you just walked into the Victorian Era. There is fancy wall-paper, antique chairs and couches and tables(each piece of furniture is unique and different! I love this!), a fireplace, old paintings, and fancy tea pots and cups. The menu offers a large variety and LOTS OF HOME-BREWED TEAS. My favorites so far are “Cupid’s Arrow” (vanilla undertones) & “Blueberry” (if you can’t tell, I really like blueberry flavored things). When they serve the tea you get your own tea pot! So you don’t just get one cup of tea…you get many cups of tea.They also offer coffee, desserts, smoothies, sandwiches, soup and breakfast items. In my book they have the BEST PESTO in the world! Yes, in the world. If you read my blog about pesto, you already know I am obsessed, for those of you who didn’t, well now you know, I am totally in love with pesto. The service is great and the people that work there are friendly and laid back. This place attracted crowds that ranged from high schoolers to members of the Red Hat Society.

What I love the most about Montagues is all the memories. This was the place where I wrote random short stories and novel ideas. This was the place where I had a ton of laughs with friends. I often ran into people I haven’t seen in years here…that was interesting sometimes! This was a place where I became friends with the people that worked there. This was a

Inside view! I guess they have some matching furniture now!

Inside view! I guess they have some matching furniture now!

place where you just didn’t pull out your phone…I don’t know if it was just the atmosphere…but you could just get lost in inspiration or in conversation here and forget about the time or social media.

One of my favorite memories:

We heard there was a certain table with a drawer filled with random thoughts from random people. People could write a little something on a note and put it in the drawer. We heard the drawer was filled with these hilarious little notes and drawings.
We never knew for sure if the drawer existed because the table the drawer was rumored to be in was ALWAYS taken. Finally, one day we nabbed that table with it’s mystery drawer. We opened it and sure enough there were bunches of little scraps of paper. We began reading through them and it was hilarious! Some of them were outright hilarious, some of them were creepy and some of them were quotes (I always love me a good quote). We ended up adding our own notes, I think I drew something…but I can’t remember! It was such a fun night. I hope the table still exists!

If you are ever in Colorado Springs, CO, check out Montagues!

What’s a cool coffee house in your area? What makes it stand out? Any favorite memories that took place there?




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