Could having a little bit of grit make a world of difference in our life’s story? I think so.

Grit defined is “courage & resolve” “strength of character”. Many days I easily fall into the “poor me” “tragic victim” mode. I wallow in self pity….and guess what…I never accomplish anything and in the end I don’t like myself. So many people today easily give up or constantly view themselves as the victim. Every single person will face “battles” in life, hard battles. But life isn’t about the battles, it’s about how you face your battles. Life is all about being the right person. How you handle life and how you decide to react to life…MATTERS. We all get a choice on what kind of person we are going to be, we may not get a choice in our circumstances, but every single person has the choice of how they handle “life”.  Having grit means you are a fighter. If you fail at something you don’t just give up. You don’t make everything depend on other people, you determine to take initiative. You don’t let the status quo determine your path or your future.  You face life’s hard circumstances and you don’t let them defeat you.( note: Gritty people are not angry people!They are people that choose to have a good attitude and they try to not let other people’s choices or mistakes determine how they are going to react.) If we become gritty I think we can have better relationships that last longer, be happier and have fewer regrets.

One of my favorite “Gritty” people is Helen Keller. She was blind and deaf and she didn’t let that stop her.  She earned a bachelor’s degree, she was a writer, she rode horses, and so much more. Helen Keller had a disability I can’t even imagine having, but she didn’t give up even though it was hard. WOW. AMAZING.




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