Close encounters…

I have never watched Shark Week until this past week. It really is fascinating material…except I feel like I was left hanging on the three episodes I watched. I never really knew for sure if “Megalodon” existed or the submarine shark,or if the whole idea that flipping a shark on its’ back made it defenseless actually worked (with The Great Whites-the little sharks it seemed to work with).  What I did get confirmation on is that people are INSANE. In one of the shows of shark week this diver jumped into a feeding frenzy of tiger sharks…on purpose. I just…wow. Never.

 SHARK WEEK- I wish shark's teeth were like this...  photo credit:

SHARK WEEK- I wish shark’s teeth were like this…
photo credit:

This made me ask myself the question: what’s the closest you’ve been to a wild animal? (animals at the zoo don’t count!)

The closest and scariest encounter I’ve had with a wild animal was during a game night at a friend’s house. One of my friends lived in this rich neighborhood right on the side of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. A group of about 6 of us were chilling in the game room that led out to the back yard through a glass sliding door. BOOM! We all jump. What was that? The sound had come from the backyard somewhere. A couple of us peer out the glass door and a rush of brown fur whizzes past us. “What the heck!?!”

A few feet away sitting on a bar stool was Sam, who lived at the house. He says nonchalantly, “It’s probably just a bear.”

Just a bear? There is no such thing as “JUST a bear” in my mind.

“Yeah, I’ve seen one a few times hanging out back,” Sam says nearing the window.

After a few moments of silence we get back to our game playing. Then someone yells, pointing at an object on the other side of the glass door. Brown, thick fur. Sharp black curled claws. Huge. The bear. The only thing separating us from it was a thin piece of glass. All the guys rush over to the door gawking at the beast that is inches from their faces. The bear is just staring at them like they are a huge pile of crispy bacon, hot and ready to eat. I had been sitting just a few feet away from the glass, and I raced to the far end of the room, near the stairs to make a quick exit. After about a minute I left my “post” and walked over to glass door along with the others to look at the bear; I knew I probably never would get the chance to be this close to one again (which is OK!). He was still there, still debating whether he should try and break down the door and get dinner. He was amazing and terrifying to look at…just inches away.

The bear groans and then runs off into the night. All I can say is the experience was wild.

What’s the closest encounter you’ve had with a wild animal?

What do you think of shark week? Would you jump into a swarm of sharks?


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