The Glass Jar, a poem

This is a poem I wrote a few days ago about something I love and hate: change.

The Glass Jar

The glass jar hit the ground

Shattering into tiny pieces all around

Glittering-catching the sunlight

The shattered pieces were a breathtaking sight.

Never to be whole again

The glass knew this with a small pain

But it liked its’ new form-

Glittering like stars after a midnight storm.

Life is like the glass,

Changing quickly, changing fast.

In a moment the glass forever changed

All its’ pieces rearranged.

The glass was happy for a while,

A spread out, sparkling pile.

But the sparkle began to fade,

And the glass remembered for what he was made.

Life’s course takes us new ways

But sometimes we long for those past days.

Though we glitter like a star,

We long once again to be a glass jar.

Turn back time? It’s simple enough-

To pick up all the broken stuff?

The glass’s pieces were gathered together

But suddenly he knew he had changed forever.

Can life take us on a path too far-

To forget who we are?

Can we return to home’s door-

To find it is not our home anymore?

The glass jar was glued together;

His new shape was even better.

Not every piece found and no longer smooth

The light caught every flat edge and uneven groove.

The glass jar was a new shape,

Carved and molded by life’s fate.

Changed forever and yet the same

The more light he could tame;

More beauty and purpose he had found

From falling on the ground.

Change in life can be hard

We are afraid it will leave us scarred.

But change can make us stronger,

Shine more beautifully and longer.



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