Thoughts on “Broken Paradise” and stolen freedom

I have been reading the book Broken Paradise by Cecilia Samartin. It is the story of two cousins who lived in Cuba during the time that Fidel Castro came to power. This book is a beautifully written work that really pulls the heart strings with its real characters and moving story. broken-paradise

End of the world, the world after a great crisis, rule under a crazy government books like the Hunger Games and Divergent (I love them! At least Hunger Games, I haven’t read Divergent…yet but I liked the movie!) are easy to get caught up in and led us to imagine ourselves as heroes and heroins in a world that doesn’t exist ….and forget the reality of it all. When Cuba was taken over by the Communists and their leader, Fidel Castro, the people didn’t know he was a bad guy. They thought he was going to be the leader their country needed. They didn’t even realize what was happening and before they knew it their land, horses, food, religion, money was taken away from them and “distributed evenly”. Communism is the idea that tries to rid social classes and money and create a world “utopia” where everyone is equal. No one is poor, no one is rich. It is a classless, stateless society where everyone shares everything. In theory, it sounds like a good idea. But in reality it means: the government decides on how many children you can have, tell you what books you can and cannot read or write, what kind of house and job you can have, what you can believe. It steals people’s money and dreams and lives. The government is in absolute control. You aren’t smart enough to make your own decisions, the government should take care of you and make them for you. And if you are not “pro-communist” well, you get thrown in jail…or worse. Your own thoughts and opinions are not your own or are not allowed. Communism is anti-freedom.

People, millions of people, have lived through experiences through communism that ring scarily close to books like the Hunger Games and Divergent. I guess reading Broken Paradise was a  wake-up call/reminder. Freedom can be stolen, so we must protect it. People were made to be creative and have goals and pursue them. The government should be there to create a system of protection…not be a provider. When a government is big enough to give you everything you have, it is big enough to take it all away. – Thomas Jefferson. We need to vote, we need to get involved, we need to protect our freedoms. People in Cuba lived normal lives, they were just like us. It just took one person to take over the country and take away their lives. If you are rich, donate-help people. If you are poor, (like me…I make 13,000$ a year) keep working, keep dreaming but don’t think that taking money that isn’t yours from the rich is a solution. We cannot make decisions for other people (we can try to influence them…but we cannot force them). We cannot force people to do what we would want to do with their money, it just isn’t right. Would you want someone to do that to you? What we can do is focus on ourselves, and strive on being the best person we can be. The most free society is made up of good people… people doing good things because they choose too. You change the world by being the change.


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