thoughts on leftovers and “Chopped”…

One of my favorite shows to watch is “Chopped” where chefs battle against each other by trying to create awesome dishes out of the various (often weird) foods that they pull out of a basket. I just watched a “Chopped” episode where every food is a leftover. Some of the foods the chefs had to work with were leftover french fries, chili, German chocolate cake. Wow! I couldn’t imagine with making something delicious out of those items.

My Mom has a strange ability to use and re-invent leftovers. Probably because our family has 8 people in it! My Mom’s best leftover remake was using all the basically empty salad dressings and sauces and sour cream and cream cheese and dumping all of these ingredients into a bag along with chicken breasts and ….making it into a marinade. I remember watching in horror as my Mom’s unholy mixture flavored our dinner. But, it was amazing how it tasted. You would never think that many ingredients or different flavors would create something so delicious!

Other things I like leftover: mac and cheese…so good!

I was wondering if there any dishes you prefer to eat as a “leftover”? Do you have any awesome ways you reinvent a leftover dish?


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