The Wonderful World of Beards

This is a piece I wrote as a writing sample for a job with a small magazine! I hope you enjoy it too!


There comes a time in every male’s life where a boy becomes a man. Every boy is waiting for this moment. Their shaving cream and razors are ready. They have practiced dozens of time. They have picked out their aftershave. A boy will one day look in the mirror, as he has done every day for a while now, and discover those stiff little hairs sprouting out of his chin; finally it is official-he is becoming

a man.

Throughout the ages facial hair has been considered the “rite of passage” from boyhood to manhood. In many cultures and throughout history beards have been viewed as a sign of honor, strength, power and respect. Beard wearers also have been thought by some to be dangerous, sneaky or sloppy. Women love it and they hate it! Whether it’s good or bad, the ability to grow hair on your chin means something. Having facial hair is a trend that comes and goes, and right now it has taken over the men in the United States by storm. The business man clean shaven face is out. The rugged and tough face of a lumber jack is in. Whether it was the hipsters or Duck Dynasty, the beards are back and they plan on staying around, for a while anyway.

Deciding to embrace the tide and grow a beard? Beards can be a way to express yourself or to show your style or to make a statement. There are many different ways to shape your facial hair into something that gives people a little glimpse of your personality. Below is a list of ways to embrace your manhood and get growing!


The Wonderful

World of Beards


Full Beard (this is actually exactly what one of the characters in my novel I am writing looks like…without the beard!)

The Full Beard: Let your facial hair be the boss. The full beard is the long free flowing beard that is often integrated with a mustache.

Garibaldi: A wide, full beard with rounded bottom and integrated moustache.

Old Dutch: Think Amish. This is a large, long beard connected by side burns that flares outward in width at the bottom, without a mustache.

Jaw line beard: This is a beard that is grown right along the jaw line and chin. Other variations: the chin strap and chin curtain.

Neck beard: The entire face is clean shaven, only allowing hair on the neck to freely grow. Although lacking in popularity and attractiveness, this style has been donned by people like Peter Cooper and David Thoreau.

Circle Beard: Also called “doorknocker” for its resemblance to the brass object you use to knock on your neighbor’s door, this beard forms a circle around the mouth connecting the chin beard to the mustache.

royal beard

A simple version of the Van Dyke

Hulihee beard


Goatee: As the name suggests, the goatee is grown to resemble the fluff of hair on the chin of a Billy goat.

Van Dyke: What do you get when you merge a mustache with a goatee? You’ve got it! It’s the Van Dyke Beard.

Royale: If you want to feel like royalty then you may want to try this type of facial hair, a style popular among kings and emperors. This beard extends to the chin and is narrow in width, pointing at the tip.

Verdi: The goal of this beard is to display the moustache. The beard is short and rounded on the bottom; the cheeks are shaved; the mustache is thick and big.

Hulihee: Originating from Hawaii this style of beard entails a clean shaven chin with chops that flare outward and are connected at the moustache.

Friendly Mutton Chops: To achieve this look, start with long sideburns that thicken at the jaw line and are merged with the mustache. The chin is shaved clean and the beard kept tidy.

Designer stubble: Ready to embrace ruggedness but not a full-blown beard? Designer stubble is where you let your facial hair grow out, keeping it short and close to the skin. In the picture to the right, David Beckham sports designer stubble.

Designer Stubble

Designer Stubble

Now that you have some ideas on how to create a masterpiece with your facial hair…get growing!

What do you think of beards? What kind of beard do you have? What do you think of the beard trend, ladies?


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