Words of Wisdom from an 89 year old man

“Those days life was really rough. But they were good days…because we had each other and we made the most of it. Those days were about laughing and talking and…people.” -Grandpa Kenny

This is something my boyfriend’s 89 year old grandpa told us about living a happy life. (As a side note…he went through the great depression.)  He is an 89 year old that loved his wife like they had never stopped dating, he wasn’t rich…he was a fruit farmer, but he was happy. And to this day he literally has hundreds of friends…not just acquaintances…friends that actually really know him and really care. He is one of the happiest people I know.

Talking with him was a reminder for me to be thankful and to focus on what life is really about. We have so much these days….but we always want more. We have an i-phone…but suddenly that miniature computer isn’t good enough because we want an i-phone 5s, we have hundreds of clothes…but next month they will be out of style…or our clothes aren’t as

Wanting things is good...its just when we forget about everything we already have that bites us!

Wanting things is good…its just when we forget about everything we already have that bites us!

cool as that person’s so we get more, we have a car…it’s not very cool…so we think we ought to have a new one. We focus so much on what we don’t have instead of  what we do have. I am all for having goals and reaching for dreams…big dreams…huge dreams. But, I just realized when you’re 89 what will you really care about? I doubt any of us will be thinking about how big our house is or how full our closet is.

I am so guilty of being caught up in the whorl wind  of gadgets and awesome technology that we have today. Sometimes…I have gotten carried away and lost in the swirl of technology and phones and social media.  I have heard that we have the most means of communication in our day than ever was before…but we are one the most lonely society to have existed.Let’s put down our cell phones and actually talk to people! (Once I watched this man that was at an Oriels game on this date with this girl- she was GORGEOUS. Before he got there a few guys tried to get her number. It was just sad because the guy on the date kept looking at his phone the whole

These people look like they are having LOADS of fun together!

These people look like they are having LOADS of fun together!

time. I could tell the poor girl was sad and thought she was boring or something.) … Our families…our friends…strangers…let’s stop choosing to live life alone!

I am convinced that happiness comes from building relationships….deep and meaningful. And maybe we won’t have 100 friends or 400 social media friends….but if we have a few that are good then we will be happy people.

I am also convinced that happiness comes from being thankful. Have goals. Reach for goals. But while you’re reaching for those goals…never forget all the good things we have. Our nation is one of the wealthiest countries in the world…with the chance to chase your dreams. You know how many people around that world would love that chance? So let’s be thankful. Work hard…pursue your dreams…and instead of wishing life came to us SO EASY like SO-and-SO and THAT PERSON or THAT RICH KID….remember that we have that GREAT GIFT of being able to go after our dreams in this country…sometimes we just have to work hard for it instead of expecting it to be given to us.

People were made to be loved. Things were made to be used.

The reason why the world is in so much chaos is because

things are being loved and people are being used.

-Author unknown.


says it all...

says it all…


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