For those of you who read by blog titled “Word!” (for those of you who didn’t….for shame! It was all these random cool facts I found out about words) I have a funny story that involved a word…a ridiculously long word from that blog. Image

I was chatting with my Mom on the phone, telling her about my fairly recent start at blogging and how helpful it is reading other people’s blogs for novel writing and life inspiration and laughs.

I am the type of person that LOVES finding out random facts and stories and I MUST TELL them to people!

So in our conversation I am suddenly burst out, full of excitement, “Mom! Oh my gosh you have to guess how long the longest word in the dictionary is!” (Yes….nerdy History major/English minor alert!) My Mom gives a few low-ball guesses before I just blurt out, “Forty-five letters long!” I proceed to attempt to tell her from memory the word is:  pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis- a disease in the lungs caused by inhaling very fine irritant particles. Of course I butcher the pronunciation, the word I told her sounded more like, “Pneumo…bla..bla…bla…bla…osis.” After a few futile attempts to pronounce the word I add in, “Just trust me mom…it is a CRAZY word.” My Mom is taking nursing classes so she is very into medical terminology and is intrigued by the word. She says, “Send me a text of what the word looks like…I want to see it!”

A few days later I write the word on a slip of scrap paper from work so I can copy it via text and send it to Mom.  It doesn’t quite fit in one line on the piece of paper so I split the word. It looked like this on the note:



I also got my paycheck that day. Since my purse is a scary black hole that eats paper I decide the best thing to do is put my scrap piece of paper with the word pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolanoconiosis beside my paycheck in the envelope that came with the check…won’t be losing THAT in my purse (we hope). I’m brilliant I know. The work day is a full one and on the way back I don’t make it to the bank on time. No biggie. I slip the Imageenvelope with my paycheck into the night drop and drive off grateful my account is soon to be replenished.

Yesterday I got a little letter in the mail from the bank. It has my deposit receipt and… a note attached to a scrap piece of paper with a very long…yet cryptic-looking word on the said piece of paper. The note read, “We found this along with your deposit….we thought you may need it.”

I laughed.

I couldn’t believe they actually sent me my scrap piece of paper for starters. Secondly I got to thinking what they must have thought about the word. They were probably like, “Ummm….what the??” Not everyday you open a deposit envelope and find a check and a mysterious piece of paper with a jumble of 45 letters on it. I can’t help but wonder if they thought it was some kind of password…a crazy…unbreakable password….or that I was some crazy person. Haha!

Have you ever accidentally “deposited” something that wasn’t supposed to be deposited?


Here is a good quote I found…doesn’t have anything really to do with my

crazy long word I accidentally gave to the bank

but always a good reminder!





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