I decided to copy and paste the blog I wrote on my “AutumnKomzik” blog to thebrowneyedgirldotcom blog because I like the font so much better on this one! hehe!~Autumn

Camp games are always very competitive. Sweat dripping down our backs, dirt blown across our faces, our legs screaming out in exhaustion and pain….we had given everything to The Blue Team to beat the jerks on The Red Team. And after all those sweat, blood and tears the two teams were tied. Legitimately tied. Have a peaceful… “You’re all winners”? Unacceptable. Not a chance. We believed in winning…for real. The Camp leaders came up with an idea….they decided to be extra educational and present a “spell this word” tie-breaker. The word was….supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. A brave soul with curly carrot-colored hair stepped forward proclaiming she could indeed spell this beast of a word. A guy with black hair represented the Red Team. He didn’t seem quite as confident as carrot-top. They picked a number between 1-10 with whomever was closest to the Camp Director’s chosen number getting the chance to spell the word first…and if they could…taking the victory for the team. Carrot-top was closest. Us on the Blue Team cheered and screamed. When she stepped up to the microphone 300 teenagers were silenced. Could she do it? Could she bring the Blue Team to victory?

She started off strong…rattling it off.


Suddenly she stopped and started over. “S-u-p-p-e…wait no…s-u-p-e-r” After five minutes of this…she finished the word. And she spelled it wrong. The Blue Team was defeated.


So…words are pretty cool…and here are some random facts about them:

(Interesting fact about the word ‘cool’ :  “Cool, like groovy, was a very popular expression of satisfaction dImageuring the 1960s and early ’70s, but only the former lives on.Cool surfaced in the early nineteenth century and, like groovy, which meant “in the groove,” as in a smoothly played vinyl record, it was popularized in the modern era by bebop jazz musicians in the 1940s.Cool means unfazed and under control, like being on ice, which is real cool.The word cool has been used to describe a general state of well-being, a transcendent, internal peace and serenity.”-Big Site of Amazing Facts)

Random Facts about Words~

  • The longest word in the English Language updated this year ( at least that I found!) is: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis,  “A disease in the lungs caused by inhaling very fine irritant particles.” ~Webster Merriam Dictionary. At a formidable 45 letters this word is something I hope I will never have to memorize or use. Shout out to Doctors for knowing insane words like this one.
  • The funniest oxymoron word I found was: hippopotomonstroesquipedalian, “of or pertaining to extremely long words.” HAHA someone had a sense of humor when they came up with that one.
  • What was the most used word of last year? According to The Language Monitor it was “404″…honestly…with no letters this feels cheap…so I’ll give you the second most used word as well: FAIL.
  • 2013′s most annoying word according to a survey done by Michigan University was a toss up between  “selfie” and “Twerking”. I’m not surprised there.
  • Some neglected words according to Buzzfed’s Ailbhe Malone’s “15 Underused Words to Add to your Dictionary”: Petrichor-“The smell of rain on dry earth.” (I choose that word because that is like the BEST smell!); bombinate-“to buzz or hum.” (LOVE IT!); gadarene-“engaged in reckless rush towards destruction.” (interesting!); Brontide-“The low rumble of distant thunder.” Cagamosis-“an unhappy marriage.” (the word does kinda resemble cage!) Apricity-“The warmth of sun in the winter.” (=))  (Want to see Ailbhe’s entire list? It’s super cool…Check it out @: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ailbhemalone/amazing-words-to-add) I love all of these underused words!Now just to think of a way to use them without looking like those annoying people who only talk in big words that no one understands…hmmm…
  • A few of my favorite words are: slither, befuddle, reckless, love (it’s one of the most important!), blubber (it’s just fun to say!), fork, vent….and the list goes on and on.
  • A few words I say but don’t particularly like that I say them: Like (I say it WAY to much…and I hate it!), neat-o, pretty
  • A few words me and my friends made up: Kraft-“meaning a seriously annoying person whose goal in life is to make everyone unhappy because they are so unhappy.” Meyesh-“a well thought out yes.” Pestery-“when someone is actively being a pest.” My friends and I are weirdos…I know!
  • Scrabble and Words With Friends and Banana Grams are fun and infuriating to play.
  • There are 26 letters in the alphabet. (hopefully we all knew that!)Twenty-six letters that seem to endlessly create words. That can ruthlessly destroy. That can make you laugh. That can make you cry. That can make your dreams come true. That Imagecan rip your dreams apart. They created wars…and stopped wars. They can change someone’s life for the better…or for the worse. They can motivate, challenge and change….they can also discourage, defeat and cause staleness. They can be the most beautiful thing….or the ugliest.  It’s all how we use them;how we choose to craft those 26 letters….MATTERS. Next time you write or speak….remember what you write or what you say matters. You can choose to destroy with those letters…or you can choose to create something beautiful. It’s up to you.

What is a word you think is “cool” or you use a lot or think other people should use more often? Have you made up any words?


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