Coffee: A story of how my addiction began

Coffee. Java. Joe. We drink it black, as a latte, cappuccino, cold. We don’t want to admit it, or maybe we do…but we are addicted to these beans. And….we all have a story of when the addiction began.


Just how I like it….keep the creamer coming!

I was anti-coffee most of my life. There was nothing thrilling to me about drinking something that is bitter and makes your teeth tan and brown. For years I watched my parents and friends guzzle cup after cup saying they HAD TO DRINK it; they told me it was a necessity. I am a tea drinker…blueberry tea, rooibos tea, vanilla tea, green tea…pretty much any tea I can get ahold of…except Earl Grey…I loathe Earl Grey. I was happy with my teas. I didn’t need coffee in my life….a fact I was proud of.

I used to work as a bank teller. And banks….when you are all alone manning the front counter with no customers and the only available reading materials are The Banker’s Digest (LOL) …it can get VERY BORING. I was that type of employee that got restless when there was nothing to do. I would start randomly cleaning things and then I decided one day to make it my personal mission to keep the coffee station immaculately cleaned and filled with condiments.

Grinding the coffee beans was my favorite part. The zoom of the grinding machine crushing the beans was music to my ears. The crushed coffee beans was music to my nose….I don’t know if that works…but you get the picture. That smell is AWESOME. I could smell those grinds all day! I started to get curious…it had been ages since I tried the bitter stuff.

Finally, I decided to give in.

One especially boring day I grabbed a small white Styrofoam cup and poured the brown steaming liquid into it. Coffee was always entirely too bitter for me…and I cannot add sugar…so I decided to add a TON of creamer. By the time I was done pouring in the creamer my coffee was no longer brown…it was practically white. I took a teeny sip. Then I took another. It was actually kinda….GOOD. I was Imageshocked. After that I started having a small cup of coffee…half creamer, half coffee nearly everyday at work. But I considered myself strickly a “social coffee drinker” because I could go days without drinking it and I drank it simply because I liked it.

Now…two years later and after trying Dunkin Donut’s blueberry-flavored coffee I think I have become addicted. I cannot go on without a cup of coffee…like it is fueling my very brain cells. And I think I drink too much! It is so easy to write or read and guzzle down cup after cup and then you realized half the pot is empty! Recently I decided that I should cut back, switch to my old ways of tea drinking (which I still LOVE tea)… and spare my teeth the heartache of having to do whitening…(it is SOOO painful…my poor teeth!). I started to cut the caffeine a few days ago…and definitely had two cups of coffee today…so we’ll see how that goes!

When was your first cup of coffee? When did you first become addicted to it’s caffeinated powers?


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