When I go for a run (most of the time it ends up being a walk with a sprint here and there because I cannot handle more!) so I guess IImage should say when I go for a walk, and I am alone, my thoughts will often turn to writing….and my novel. The juices start to flow, and my brain starts to create hopeful masterpieces of literature. I think about plot twists, build scenes and try to hash out the things I have written in my notebook under the section “Figure this out/Think about this”. (yes I actually have that section!)Sometimes I can get carried away…

One particular day I got off of work at 2:30pm and was out the door starting my walk at 3:10pm. I was ready to create. I was ready to dream up some words. I was needing to hash out an important scene from the climax portion of my novel….my thoughts were bound to run deep…especially since it was on my mind since the morning. When the writing creating gets into gear as I walk it’s like I am in a bubble…untouchable. My legs work like a motor-car on a track walking the same rounds I have walked about 10 MILLION TIMES.

I start off…walk. think. walk. think. attempt to run. never-mind. walk. think. walk. think. walk. think. I am totally absorbed in thought. Simply put, “Earth to Autumn. Earth to Autumn.”

Suddenly I see that I am going to pass a mailman carrying a cream, blue and red sack filled with all sorts of letters, bills and junk mail. I am sort of forced from my robotic state as I near him. It is engrained in me to offer a friendly greeting of some kind when passing a fellow walker/hiker/biker…etc. I tell my brain…which is still going wild…to stop. “DON’T BE RUDE!”

The mailman says, “Hey, how you do’n?”

I say in my most cheerful and very loudly, “GOOD MORNING!” (just in case you missed it…it was well into the afternoon!)

He scrunches his eyebrows and I walk on (this motor doesn’t stop for anyone!).

I am thinking, “Oh my gosh Autumn. Good morning? Really? You couldn’t just say ‘Hi’? Whatever…I’m sure he didn’t notice!”

Suddenly a deep voice from behind me says, “Did you just wake up or something?” Laughter follows.

I turn around, laughing and say, “I just was thinking ….I just told that guy goodmorning!”

He laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs and says, “Well, you better to get yourself a cup of coffee…or take a nap or something.”

I laugh again and add, “I guess three cups of coffee no longer cuts it!”

He is just turning pink with laughter…I really added some humor to his day! I laughed along with him at myself and then continued on course. I also noted what time of day it was.

Have you ever been so absorbed in your thoughts or novel creation that you said or did something weird or funny?


4 thoughts on “Absorbed…

  1. Besides getting this really awkward, excited, almost creepy look on my face as I’m staring at a stranger who probably thinks I’m plotting their murder, but I’m really in my head in my story? Nope. Nothing weird at all.

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