Beautiful Bookstores


 What Do you think is the All-Time coolest bookstore or library?

It can’t be THIS pictured library from Beauty and the Beast either. haha!

There are three bookstores that really stand out in my mind.

#1. Riversby Books in Fredericksburg, VA

This little book store I wanted to buy and live in! Everything about it is quaint and adorable and of course it is filled with books. What makes this boImageok store unique is that they have old books, new books, antique books, blue books (hehe). They actually had books for sale that dated back to the 1830’s. (AWESOME!) The Book store is right in the historic downtown of Fredericksburg wedged in between coffee shops, antique malls, and boutiques. The inside is charming complete with a squeaky staircase, built in book shelves, indoor balcony, Persian rugs and comfy Victorian style chairs and couches. Everything about Riversby is inviting and unique. Ever in Fredericksburg, Virginia? Check it out!

Image #2. Barnes and Nobles on the Inner Harbor

This bookstore is AMAZING. First of all it is simply, overwhelmingly enormous! It is a two story masterpiece that is 35,000 square feet. It has glass escalators (you can see all the inner-working parts) and probably over a million books.  Secondly, it is sitting right on the Chesapeake Bay. I love the water. I love boats. I love the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD. This bookstore is practically on the water. You can read up stairs on one of the balconies that gives you a lovely view of the harbor. Thirdly? The booImagek store is in a renovated Power Plant that was built in 1901. This feature sets this Barnes and Nobles apart. Right when you walk in there is a brick dome you can walk through. The layout is just different and interesting to explore (like you are in a maze of books!). Lastly, there is a giant Hard Rock Guitar right on top. Total awesomeness.





#3. The Island Bookstore

When you hear the words “Outer Banks” you probably imagine gigantic mansions sitting on the sand right next to the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, wild ponies and scenes from Nicolas Sparks’ books. At least that is what I think of! The Island bookstore is located in Corolla, North Carolina. There were a lot of windows and white and yellow and wood panel walls giving the place a sunny and beachy feel. It feels like home being in this bookstore.  I think why I loved this place so much waImages that I felt so inspired to write in there. I wanted to see my book on one of the shelves!  I visited The Island Bookstore last September and started my NImageovel right when I got back! This place will always have a spot in my heart!


Any awesome book stores in your area?

A little Pink Happiness for the day!

pink type writer 

I believe in PINK. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.

I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything else seems

to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.

I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.

-Audrey Hepburn

Today: Choose happiness. Go on an adventure, even if you are alone. Smile at a stranger. Buy three books on Amazon with express shipping (that’s what I did!). Talk with your friends and family! Enjoy….each moment counts!


Theres a story in everything: Middle Names


photo credit: google imagesAt work during a lull, my mind started to wonder… wonder far and away. That just happens huh? You will start to think about something at work that thought leads to another which leads to another and before long you went from thinking about supply reordering to why couldn’t Jack and Rose both get on the floating piece of wood (from the movie Titanic)…this is life and death you guys!Don’t just give up! Haha. So today my thoughts ended up at my middle name: Robin. (btw…wasn’t it so annoying growing up when there was that kid that acted like their middle name was something that was so dreadful that they guarded it like the government guards the gold at Fort Knox. And when you found out years later the “mysterious middle name” was John. lol. We’ve all experienced this..I’m pretty sure.)

Interesting fact: middle names did not appear until the mid-17th century! Even then it was extremely rare…largely only wealthy families started to give their children “two names.” By the time of the Civil War middle names started to catch on but it was only until the 1900s when everyone had a middle name.
(credit to Robert W. Baird, “The Use of Middle Names.”) So all in all middle names are a relatively new thing!

When I was little I hated my middle name (it could be worse…Bertha or Brunhilda or something like that! Sorry all Bertha’s and Brunhilda’s!). The main reason for my dislike was this lady, who was one of my best friend’s mom at the time had the name Robin. She was a cleaning FREAK! If you touched the bleached white walls at her house she would threaten, “Do that again and you will be helping with spring cleaning! Or I will give your parents a call and you will get a spanking!” (she was completely serious too! And ya…terrifying! Getting spanked by your parents is one thing, getting spanked by a non-relative? Terrifying…and bizarre) Once my little sister touched the wall and got a smudge on it and she had to not only clean it but sit in the corner for forever! My 7 year old self was annoyed that I shared part of my name with this woman. Would I some day grow up to be just like her? One day, I wanted to know why, why on earth my Mom and Dad gave me the same name as this scary woman-so I asked them.

They told me the story behind my name. For those of you who don’t know, my first name is Autumn. So coupled with my middle name you have Autumn Robin. My Mom said that she loves the fall season- the turning of the leaves, the cool weather, bon fires and flannel. So when I was born she told my Dad, “Let’s name her Autumn!” Makes sense. What about Robin? Was it the name of a great relative my parents wanted to honor? Nope, there are actually no Robins in our family! My Mom told me simply, “I love Robin birds! So we decided why not make her middle name Robin?”
So I found out my name, Autumn Robin is a shout out to nature…and some of my Mom’s favorite parts about it! (Next thought…was my Mom a hippy?)

Some people have two middle names, some people don’t have any! What’s the story behind your middle name?