…..Just Because

ImageOne Vacation to Virginia Beach sticks out in my mind.

Not because the sun was shining extra brightly making each and every day perfect (well, actually one day there was torrential rain!), not because the people I was with are people packed with laughter and fun, not because of all of the tasty eateries(my favorite is this Italian hole in the wall place-I CANNOT remember the name, sadness!), not the ocean, or volleyball, or boogie boarding, or walks under a starry sky along the water. Something else made this vacation extra memorable.

That summer we decided to add something to our vacation “to do list”: Make a stranger’s day. Each of us in the group set aside $25 with the soul purpose of making other random people happy. We decided we would share the stories of our “random acts of kindness” on the drive home.

BOY this is such a fun, memorable thing to do! The stranger that sticks out in my mind was a guy who bussed tables at this fabulous Italian Restaurant. I noticed him cleaning the tables and doing a great job, but something in his eyes told me that he was having a rough day. After dinner I went over to him and said, “Hi, umm…so I wanted to let you know you are doing an awesome job!” I handed him a crisp $10 bill. Yes, it was only $10 but I think it meant a lot more to him. The look on his face was priceless! His face literally was glowing and he got the biggest smile. He thanked me over and over again and kept saying you are AWESOME! He ran around and told other employees and then said while waving as we left, “You guys are all so amazing! You really made my day, you have no idea!”

So even replaying this memory in my head makes me happy (i am literally smiling right now….=) ) There is something WONDERFUL about helping or doing something nice for someone for no reason at all. One of my favorite quotes is, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”-PlatoWant a full, happy life? Bless the strangers and friends around you…JUST BECAUSE.

Do you have a story where you did a random act of kindness or where someone did something kind to you?



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