What is in a NAME?

During my senior year of high school and during the summers I was home from college I was faithfully employed by the local zoo. The zoo I worked at wasn’t your average government funded zoo. It was small and buried in the mountains, owned privately by a collection of people and very faithful donors. To get my story going right along, I have had a lot of wild (haha!) , hilarious adventures while being employed here. What does this have to do with my writing a book? I’m about to tell you…

The zoo changing it’s managers became an expected summer ritual. I have probably seen 20 people hired and fired there…I don’t know what was going on! One year we worked under a man by the name of “Richard”, but he went by “Dick” (which by the way….how does that even work? Richard shortens into Dick? Huh?). As the month’s wore on, Dick, at first liked by the employees began to show his jerky colors. He was rude and did a lot of blame shifting. At the end of his “reign of terror”  he was extra mean to an older lady that is like the grandma everyone wants that worked there with us. Wow! Who does that??? Finally, he was fired. I will never forget what the “grandma of the zoo” said about him when she heard he got fired. She smiled chuckling and said, “Well, Dick…he certainly lived up to his name!” 

  Have you ever had an idea pop into your head of what someone’s personality is like, simply because of their name? I have been at the books! Editing, editing and more editing. Thus far I have made some changes to the novel! First big change came about with this idea of “personality describing names” and I decided to give my main character a new name! After writing a “one Imagesentence summary” of my book for a competition (I didn’t win, boo! But I did come in 4th with the most likes, that has to count for something right?) I had a thought. The novel summary is as follows: “Even Angels have their secrets.” As I thought more and more about it, I decided to change the name of the main character from Allison, to Angel (short for Angelina); My main character is a “good girl” who is constantly afraid of disappointing her strict Mother; she is an innocent, trusting, and sweet person who always believes the best about people. As the book goes on, Angel finds herself apart of a tangled web of secrets.  I thought giving Allison, the name Angel instead, would show a reader something instantly about her personality.

Which poses a question: have you ever met anyone that literally lived up to his or her name?


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