The edge of a cliff

I was harnessed in and there was no way out. “I can’t do it!” I screamed. “please don’t make me.” My heart was beating like it was trying out for the Jumanjii sound effects. My throat was dry as I attempted to swallow and let out a soft moan. My fingers were cramping and slick with sweat as I held on for dear life. “Just take deep breaths!” called the voice from far below. “I am not letting you down until you reach the top!” he shoated with a chuckle. I glanced down for a second and that was enough for my life to begin to flash before my eyes. It was all about to be over. I could see the news reporting the said story of  how a 24 year old fell to her death.  The buckels wrapped around my thighs were squeezed to the point that I felt as though my circulation was getting cutt off. My shoes were silly looking with smooth black undersides and zero grips, and yet, somehow I was expected to climb up the side of a cliff in these tredless shoes. I offered to climb barefoot- claiming that the indians did it all the time and had no problems. My fingers began to tremble, they couldn’t hold on much longer. There is a moment when your life when it hits you that you are living in your last and final minutes of life. Death was close- I could feel it. As I clung in the balance of life and death I thought of the events that led to my current situation.

Our team of six consisted of my two sisters, Katie and Andrea, Katie’s boyfriend, Noah, and two experienced climbers, Erin and Paul. We headed off into the canyon with Red Rocks towering around us on each side. The Erin and Paul each had massive back packs filled with all sorts of rope, shoes, chalk, and harnesses. All I was thinking about was how I was going to finally mark something off of my bucket list. Erin and Paul surveyed the flat sides of the rocks looking for the perfect spot to “set up camp”. Suddenly they threw thier packs to the ground. We had found it. Erin announced, “This is it. Simple but challenging climb.” I looked up at the rock attempting to see the top. There it was about 100ft up with little birds fluttering around the top as if they were the only ones that could reach it. Butterflies started in my stomach but I quickly told myself, “This is easy.”

Erin looked like somekind of monkey as he effortlessly scaled the the rock’s side. He stood at the top and shoated to us below, “This view-this is why I do this! When you guys get to the top you gotta hang out and take it all in.” He strapped the rope in the harness and turned around and leaped against the wall down. This was a piece of cake. Noah, then my sisters climbed up. It was Andrea that sent my butterflies off again. She was in a panick, “This is so scary!”She called out with a shaky voice, “like worse than any rollar coaster!” But it looked so simple. Before we knew it with Paul’s encouragement she made it to the top. When she got back down, it was my turn.

As I suited up in the harness the butterflies were going nuts in my stomach. Erin pulled the strap on the harness tightly around my legs. I put on the strange black shoes that reminded me of ballerina slippers and I dusted my hands with the chalk and took a deep breath. I was about to accomplish something. I found a crevice in the wall and pulled myself up. I felt muscles that I didn’t know exist kick into gear. I went up and up. Climbing was like a rythm- hand crevice, foot crevice-pull. I chanted this to myself for a while and listened to the words from below encouraging me on. Then I looked down. The ground seemed to dissapear from view. My eyes, I’m sure popped out of my head when I realized the ground was very far away. “I don’t think I can go further.” I said letting my fear of heights get the best of me. “You can do it!” my sisters prompted me. I looked up searching for a new place to put my fingers. I grabbed a small ledge and pulled my foot upward. I kept climbing. It was harder than ab ripper ex, which I thought, an impossible feet to accomplish. I was about seventy-five feet up when I froze. I couldn’t find anywhere to move my hand. The cliff was like a polished piece of wood. Suddenly I felt the muscles in my legs want to give up. I when I glanced down again. It now seemed like I was looking into an abyss. I felt my stomach jump to my throat. I frantically searched for somewhere to put my hands. My legs started to slide. “I’m gonna fall!” I said in a screech. “No your not!” came Erin’s voice. He was way to optimistic I decided. Terror began to take over me. I no longer cared about accomplishing I was a fool for signing up for this anyway; I had seen Verticle Limit and that didn’t end well. So I just held on frozen as if any move would make me fall to my death. “Find something to grab hold of!” Erin shoated. “O-o-k.” I said quietly and slowly turned my head side to side. Nothing. “Erin! I can’t, please help.I seriously think I might be about to have a heart attack.” “Keep looking,” he said, “Up above you there is a rock that is pushed out just a little. Grab it and pull yourself up!” I searched once again. My legs were beginning to feel cramped. There is was the rock I could grab. “I found it!” I screamed. “Great. Now grab that and pull yourself up.” I crawled my hand upward, attempted to remain glued to the wall. Suddenly out of nowhere my legs slid. I screamed and regrabbed the crevice I had let go. I began to wimper. In a matter of moments I had turned from undeaftable to a complete painsy. My knee stung and I knew it was bleeding. I felt a wave of nausea run over me. I tried to swallow but it felt like cotten balls were stuffed in my mouth. “I can’t do it!” I screamed. And this is where you meet me at the beginning of my story.

“Just go up!” Erin called. “Wow,” I thought, “there’s a genius.” “I am gonna pull the ropes and you keep climbing up!” He said. “No!” I said a tear rolled down my face. I was facing the end. The ropes strained against me and then began to pull me. I had to move, Erin was forcing me to. “Autumn, I am not going to let you fall. You finish this. Just go up!” He called out his voice filled with inspiration. Since I decided that I was going to die anyway I went with the rope. I looked up. I was close, so close. I kept my eyes up and I thrust out my hand and jumped with my feet. An amazing thing happened. I grabbed the rock! “I got it!” I called out with a smile. I felt something- hope. Hope that this was not the end. That I could make it to the top. And I will not forget that view.

All of us have fear. Wee can either controle fear or let it controle us. How do we face our fears? Look up and don’t loose heart. (1 Tim. 2:8; Luke 18:1) I think to really live is to face some of our fears, because if we don’t, we will never get to see the view from the top. blockquote>