Your Spot


Everyone has to have “a spot.”  You know that sacred place where you can go and just be; It could be a dock by a lake; it could be the roof of your house; it could be your chair in a coffee shop; whatever it is, it is your spot. Your spot for thinking, for inspiration, or to just be alone. I was in search of my “spot” for a long time. I used to live in Colorado right on the edge of the mountains. Hiking and seeing mountain tops was an almost everyday experience for me that I absolutely loved so I wanted my spot to be on a mountain top. I also love any kind of twinkly light: stars, christmas lights, candles, and the list goes on. This is the story of how I found my spot.  In Colorado there is dirt road that goes into the mountain we call “Gold Camp Road” and rumor is that its haunted. So to get to Gold camp you start on Gold Camp Road which slowly winds in and out of huge, beautiful  houses and you keep going; to your left the houses start to become fewer and fewer until they all fade away and before you know it there is not much in front of you except the dark face of a mountain. Wait! There is also a stop sign that the stop is spray painted over and is now a go sign haha. The road turns to dirt and you start to say your prayers! You keep following the narrow road up and up. You can see little but the sides of the mountain and blackness. Pine trees and rocky cliffs surround you until suddenly you reach an opening: my mountain top. Right in front of you is the sea of thousands of twinkling city lights. It is absolutely breath taking. I pull off and find a place to sit on a boulder and just take it in. I have tried to take pictures of this view but it can never capture how beautiful it is.  I never get sick of going up there and seeing all those lights. What makes this spot special is that it is quiet and the best word I could think of to describe the view is magical. The best memories I have is just chatting and laughing with my friends at my spot. Everyone has to have their special spot! So if you don’t have one-find one! And if you do what is your special spot?